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Beautiful patterns for hand embroidery and quilting


Snowy Wonderland Stitch Binder (#455) – In the first printing (and early PDF versions) of this pattern the lower right-hand portion of page 3 incorrectly listed #8053 as the thread color used for the squares. The correct Cosmo color for these squares and their contents is #5014.

Sewing Spells (#365) – In the first printing (and early PDF versions) of this pattern the supply list and coloring instructions Prismacolor #918 Orange was incorrectly listed as #919. Also, the floss placement diagram for #77-105 (the "Sewing Spells" words on the spell book) was incorrectly listed #78-12.

Harvest the Beauty (#359) – In the first printing (and PDF release) of this pattern the supply list and pattern instructions have incorrect Prismacolor pencil numbers for #1012 Jasmine, #1034 Goldenrod, and #945 Sienna Brown. The instructions and color names listed are correct, just the pencil numbers for these three colors are wrong.

Christmas Countryside (#451) – On page 7, in the "Stitch" section, the backstitch for the outer line should be done in #8024, NOT in #8042 as is listed in early printings of this pattern.

Firecracker (#2204) – On page 4, the cutting directions for the yellow check strips should say to cut 4 strips each of both sizes not 2 as indicated on early versions of this pattern.

Summer Kitchen #5 Window Sill Collection (#3505) – On page 3 the small flowers on the strawberry salt & pepper shakers should by stitched with #5028.

Sweet Land of Liberty (#2202) – On page 3, in the cutting directions for the borders, the 16 white rectangles should be cut to 1 1/2" x 2 1/2". Early printings of this pattern have this mistakenly listed as 1 1/2" x 2".

Salem Quilt Guild's Quilt Campout #1: Stitch Obsession (#2581) – Early versions of this pattern did not specify the thread color used in the grass areas. Cosmo #5014 is used for all grass.

Salem Quilt Guild's Quilt Campout #4: Hocus Pocus (#2584) – The first printing of this pattern did not specify that the outline of the sign on the trailer door is done with Cosmo floss #9012. This has been corrected in subsequent printings.

Stitchwitch Spellbinders (#2560-#2568) – In the first pattern of the set, #2560 Block #1 Nivelda Fifflestitch, the full quilt fabric requirements page did not have the batting, binding, and quilt back amounts listed. They are as follows: 5 yards fabric for quilt back, 84" x 89" batting, and 2/3 yards binding.

Make Stitch Sew Cup (#294) – In the stitching instructions on page 3, 1 strand of #5028 is also used for the words "Make, Stitch, Sew". This was not listed in early versions of this pattern.

Morgana Shroo's Apothecary (#352) – When creating the supply list for this pattern, we accidentally left out color #77-32, used for the spider webs in the top panel. This has been corrected since the first printing of this pattern. Sorry for the mix-up!

The Stitchwitch Spellbinders Quilt Show (#2560-2568) – The original version of the supply list for making the entire project (and the project's floss kit, #02569) listed #5030, #5031, & #5032, but these colors are not used. We apologize for the confusion, and if you have purchased the floss kit from us please contact us if you would like a refund for these three colors. Sorry!!

Girls' Getaway #5: Lace & Signs (#2557) – On page 3, the first thread color listed for the Wild Rose Needlework Shop, #5009 for the frame, should be #5028. Sorry for the mixup!!

Sunflower Jar (#351) – The first printing of this pattern incorrectly listed #8057 on the Cosmo embroidery floss list on the back of the pattern and in the directions as the color used for the centers of the sunflowers. The sunflower centers should be #5030 which is already used in the pattern and therefore not needed in the kit. If you have purchased a floss kit for this pattern from us containing #8057 we will happily refund your money for that skein.

The Mystery of the Salem Quilt Guild Panel 3 (#347) – On page 5, in the stitching instructions for Louella Fig, the thread colors used for her hair were not stated in early versions of this pattern. Her hair is stitched with 1 strand of #8047 & #8049 each, mixed.

Boho Sweet Fabric Kit (FK288) – We had intended to let you choose your own border fabric for this quilt, but forgot to state that on the kit description. The kit price did not include the 1 1/2 yds for the outer border. We are so sorry for the mistake!

Boho Sweet (#288) – Missing from the supply list is 1 1/2 yds of yellow print fabric needed to complete the border. Also, in the cutting directions on page 3, you need to cut 22 of the "C" squares, not 10 as it states in early verisons of this pattern. 

Pumpkin Sprite (#343) – In the "Pieced Pumpkin Segments" section on page 1, the squares should be cut 2" x 2", not 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" as early versions of this pattern state.

The Mystery of the Salem Quilt Guild Panel 1 (#345) – This PDF file contains coloring and stitching instructions missing from the first run of patterns.

The Mystery of the Salem Quilt Guild Panel 1 (#345) – The first printing of this pattern omitted Cosmo embroidery floss #3115, #702, and #8042 from the supply list on the back of the pattern.

Snow Globes - Block #4 (#2525) – The thread color for the ground line was omitted from the pattern instructions and diagrams. The ground line should be stitched in #8036.

Lace Cabins (#2545 - #2551) – The first printing of Lace Cabins omitted a few supplies needed to finish your quilt. The supplies missing from the full quilt supply list are 5/8 yd. binding fabric, 3 1/2 yds. fabric for the quilt back, and 60" x 60" quilt batting.

Sundress (#286) – Early versions of Sundress did not list Cosmo #367 in the supply list on the back cover of the pattern.

Sundress (#286) – On Page 1, paragraph 1, you should cut 12 pieces of both the stitchery background fabric and muslin. Early versions of this pattern incorrectly say to cut only 4.

Over the River and Through the Woods (#316) – OOPS!! We can't believe it took this long to find this mistake- On the lower-left of page 1, the freezer paper template used to trim the top and bottom stitcheries should be 36 1/2" x 9 1/2" (not 9" as previously stated).

Deck the Halls - Glitter Village Tree (#2542) – This PDF file contains revised coloring information for the tree-topper.

Deck the Halls (#2636 - #2543) – Early versions of this pattern did not list Cosmo embroidery floss #895 & (2) #8053 on the pattern back under entire quilt requirements.

Sweet Teacup & Sugar Bowl (#281) – Early versions of this pattern list Cosmo embroidery floss #8014 inside of the pattern, this color should be listed as #8012.

Gingerbread Square (#2512) – We're so sorry, we had a major typo on this one! On Gingerbread Square #2512 the first item in the Supply List should be 5 2/3 yd. of white stitchery background and piecing fabric (not 3 2/3 as it previously stated).

Shiny & Brite (#433) – The 4 1/8 yd of 3/4" red rickrack in the supply list was omitted on early versions of this pattern.

Hook, Line, & Sinker- Block #9: Creel & Stitchery Assembly (#2509) – Early versions of this pattern omitted the floss colors used in the braided rope on the far-right poles. Alternating Cosmo #383 and #367 are used.

Hook, Line, & Sinker- Block #3: Hidden Lake (#2503) – Early versions of this pattern have the floss colors for the chevrons on the canoe reversed. The red is Cosmo #2241. Also, the floss colors for the 'Hidden Lake Lodge' lettering are reversed- the foreground color should be Cosmo #895, and the background color Cosmo #2241.

Hook, Line, & Sinker- Block #1: Lures & Flies (#2501) – Early versions of this pattern incorrectly list Cosmo #633 as the main color of lure #11. The correct Cosmo floss color is #8055.