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Twilight Garden BOM #8 - Dianthus


Dianthus, more commonly known as Pinks, are some of my favorite flowers. Not matter how fancy or beautiful a flower is, it loses something very important if it doesn't smell good! Pinks are a simple flower with a scent that reminds me of cinnamon or cloves… sweet and spicy. They tend to be very fragrant in the early evening after the sun has been on them all day… a lovely time to be in the garden! The design is for a 6" finished block.

  • Cosmo embroidery thread used in this project:

    (Colors used in this block are indicated in bold)


    #5020 (2)
    #8054 (3)

    #8049 (3)
    #8057 (3)

    #8052 (3)