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Portella Carbunkle's Enchanted Pincushion


One of the best kept secrets of stitching and quilting witches, are the pincushions made by Portella Carbunkle! She’s a very wise and sewing savvy witch who, long ago, spirited up a pincushion that would enchant all needles and pins stored in it. It will then give the user magical stitching abilities. We ALL need that, right?? Portella also claims that the more bits and bobs and little cute goodies you put on the pincushion’s hat brim, the stronger the enchantment! That’s enough encouragement for me to search high and low for fun things to stick on mine!! Pattern includes instructions for making the pincushion and a miniature skein of floss, and a selection of full color miniature Halloween postcards and Salem Quilt Guild emblem.

Hat Pincushion (without the stand you will provide yourself) is  4” x 8”

  • Supply List:

    • Fat 1/4 black fabric 
    • 1 CD (hopefully without anything important on it!)
    • Scrap of fabric for patch
    • 10” x 20” piece of quilt batting (I used Warm & Natural)
    • 1 piece black cardstock (or white & paint it black)
    • Candlestick painted black or a vintage bobbin, or… for the pincushion base
    • 12” ribbon for a hatband
    • Fun little stuff such as a little spool, embroidery floss, needle, thimble, buttons, tulle ribbon, ribbons, feathers, spider, spiderweb, glitter... The possibilities are endless!
    • Tacky glue and hot glue
    • Liquid starch or fabric stiffener
    • Freezer paper for templates
    • Binding clips or clothespins
    • Cinnamon stick and whole cloves (optional, but why would you NOT???)