Snowy Trees for Christmas villages and displays:

Long ago, when my now 37 year old son was a little, little boy… I would send him out into the bare, winter yard to find “trees” for our Christmas village.  I’m a little nostalgic today, because I sent him out to do the same thing this afternoon.  He knew just what I was talking about, and still has an eye for tree-ish branches… makes me a little teary-eyed!  No matter how old our kids get, or how cool, or how macho… they still remember our little holiday traditions and will hopefully pass them on some day… sigh!

These “trees” look really pretty scattered among bottle brush trees or other artificial evergreens.  I much prefer the way these look to those expensive wire trees!  Best of all… they’re pretty much free, so you can make a whole bunch of them for next to nothing!


You’ll need:

  • Twigs that have the desired shape... the shape of a tree's trunk and some branches... or bushes etc...
  • Mod Podge or thick white glue
  • Mica or glitter (I love the icy, old fashioned look of mica the best!)
  • Sponge brush for the glue
  • Container for mica and a spoon to scoop it
  • Styrofoam or Oasis to hold the trees' trunks until dry, and little squares of either one to hold the trees upright in your snow scene. White styrofoam is heavier and more easily disguised under the snow but I couldn't find any hanging around here... so Oasis it is!!



Use the sponge brush to dab the glue on areas that would probably catch and hold the snow if it was falling from above…. Pretty much any horizontal area and anyplace else you’d like!


Now scoop the mica or glitter over the glued areas, catching the excess mica in a tray or paper plate as show.

In other words... Make it SNOW!



Just let the trees sit until the glue has dried completely, then cut out squares of Styrofoam or Oasis… the bigger the tree, the bigger the base!... And poke the trunks into the bases. 

Some might not stand upright well (the bigger they are, the more problematic they can be.) 

When you put them into the snow arrangement, anchor the bottom with quilt batting or polyfill stuffing before adding fake snow on top.  Usually this will keep them upright easily.  Some may need to lean a branch against a house or surrounding trees for support.

It’s just that easy!  Have fun!!